Mena Monroe @MenaMonroe in SHOW Magazine

Wow it seems like you know exactly what you like, so Im assuming when your sex fast is over youll be enjoying the single life?
The single life sucks actually. Unless you want a whole lot of miles on you. Which I don , Im very selection so until a decent dude catches my eye, its just my toys & me!

So you
e the type to pleasure yourself?
Absolutely!! I know my body and my spot better then anyone else. So whenever Im feeling horny I don mind getting my hands wet. Im a bit freaky so whether its porn, a toy, or a finger or two Im definitely going to get me a nut (laughs).

You mentioned your g spot, you mind telling where your spot is?
Im going to keep that to myself. So if whomever Im with finds it hell get a very squirtful surprise lol!

Well can we at least have a hint?
Ok… Well its not on my body, its inside of my body lol.

Mena Monroe @MenaMonroe in SHOW MagazineMena Monroe @MenaMonroe in SHOW Magazine