Hannah and Putri in Girl’s Weekend x Playboy

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Gearing up for an unforgettable weekend, the International model, Putri Cinta, and Newcomer, Hannah Le, are on location in Mexico for this week’s Playboy Girlfriends pictorial. Dressed in their best, the two models head to the patio with a bottle of champagne as the photographer, Cassandra Keyes, captures them. “Anyone who knows me well would say I’m pretty goofy and free-spirited,” says Hannah. “[The] shoot in Mexico was my favorite shoot of my career so far! I felt like a princess drinking champagne and whale watching from our beautiful house overlooking the Pacific!” Having a blast on set, Putri tells us more about herself, too. “I am a happy person — always laughing, smiling, and making jokes,” she says. “I don’t take life too seriously. I wake up every day, excited to see what wonderful things will happen.” When it comes to this pictorial, Putri loved being on set in Mexico. “[I feel] very happy to be a part of the movement,” she says of Playboy. “I’m not a shy person. I love to feel sexy, beautiful, free, and powerful. I see no harm in celebrating the human form!” See more of these models, right here, only on Playboy Plus!

DynastySeries™ Presents Volume 12

DynastySeries™ Presents Volume 12: DynastySeries™ Presents Volume 12

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