Tatted Up Holly @tatteduphollyyy in SHOW Magazine

What inspires you to be good?
Only thing that inspires me is my baby sister, she is 8 years old <3 and she is my motivation to become greater.

Were did you grow up and what was it like?
I grew up in the Bronx; LOL it was very shall I say tough, I had to defend myself, I had to stand my ground. Especially being pretty, some people think they can take advantage of you. Not me! Im a tough cookie.

Describe you parents, what are they like?
Well my mother is my rock. She is the only one I can always run to when times get rough. She is beautiful! Shes the true definition of loyalty. And my father, well just know he was the one who taught me how to defend myself. He didn care that I was his daughter; he said I had to learn to defend myself from guys.

Tatted Up Holly @tatteduphollyyy in SHOW MagazineTatted Up Holly @tatteduphollyyy in SHOW Magazine