Sophia Rosado in SHOW Magazine

What is your most sexy outfit to sleep in?
On a sexy night usually I love to sleep in my baby dolls outfits from Victorias Secret. However, if Im just on chill mood I like comfort as well so cute boy shorts & tank top with no bra will complete my night. Not to mention Im nude most of the night lol

Sophia Rosado in SHOW MagazineSophia Rosado in SHOW Magazine

What kind of woman are you?
Im a sensual kind of woman. I like to take my time when it comes to relationships. Im also the kind of girl who caters to my man. Im that ride or die girl who you can always depend on. I got your back even if you messed up a few things & vise versa. I dont give up on things easily and will fight til the end.

Sophia Rosado in SHOW MagazineSophia Rosado in SHOW Magazine

Name is your best assets that makes you feel beautiful & sexy?
I would have to say my legs. Im a tall woman & I embrace my height. Most girls dont like being so tall but I enjoy it. Im a bit of a tomboy as well but when I wear a short dress my long sexy legs stand out. I walk lot as well so I make sure they are in fit. I treat my legs the 2nd best thing in life lol. I make sure to lotion them 3 times a day for softness before I get to bed.

Sophia Rosado in SHOW MagazineSophia Rosado in SHOW Magazine

Are you a cooking kind of woman, if so what you enjoy making?
Always enjoy cooking whether is breakfast, lunch or dinner. One of my favorite hobbies is to see my man enjoying a cooked meal. Either hes watching/ helping me in the kitchen, I have lots of fun. My favorite dish I love making is lasagna.

What can a guy do to impress you?
Im really not the impress kind of girl. I dont like a man doing too much. Im just simple and sometimes I believe that its hard to come across girls like me. Now and days to impress a girl a lot of men go all out buying name brand purses spending over two thousand dollars worth of dinner for her & her friends. Not saying that I wouldnt appreciate it but our first date at the movies would be fine. What I look for in a man is time & great communication. Everything else will eventually fall in place.

What is your definition of beauty?
There are so many beautiful women of different ethnicities in this world. My definition of beauty is your awkwardness, the small moles on your face that define you. I believe natural beauty is the best beauty. Women are born with a uniqueness that god has created to one individual. Feel sexy in your own skin even if your in regular clothes. I dont appreciate fake beauty and dont think anyone does as well. It upsets me to see how much girls forget what true beauty is. All the ass shots & competition needs to stop.