Raissa x BellaClub

Brazilian natural Raissa de Albuquerque looks like a little doll, owns an impeccable body, and has left many of us begging for more after showing all of her talents here in Bella Club. On Wednesday, October 3rd, she returns with the third part of an amazing shooting.

– When did you start considering posing naked?
I was pretty young when I started thinking about photographing, but I was still too young and had some reservations about my body. Then I got an invitation from Bella Club, and it all changed. I still haven’t reached the physical form I wish, so I intend on posing again in the future.

– Is it difficult taking your clothes off while photographing?
Not for me. I have always been very easy-going when it comes to that, and I see nudity as something natural. There’s no shame about it.

– What do you do that makes them crazy?
Many things! LOL One of them is dancing, I think they like that a lot.

– Have you ever photographed naked before this?
Yes, but never professionally. I just kept the photos to myself.

– How was it photographing to Bella Club?
I was anxious, especially because it was a great challenge for me. The staff is great, I felt pretty comfortable, and I would do it again in no time. For sure this is going to be one of those amazing moments in life.

Raissa x BellaClub
Raissa x BellaClub