Nicole Mejia @nicole_mejia: Inviting Vibes – Van Styles

It is always fun to switch up the vibe of a shoot with a model. To flip the wardrobe a bit and present something not of her daily setting. Now we all know Nicole Mejia is an amazing fitness personality. Not only motivating but also inspiring. Showing people it the importance of health but more importantly that you should always love yourself for who you are. These are just a few of the elements that make Nicole amazing in my eyes.

So while out in Miami shooting with her we decided to switch things up and bring out her sexier side. She had brought this amazing two piece set that looked beautiful on her. After she threw on her heels we were good to go. The end result was something I loved and shows the importance of having a great photographer/model relationship. It makes the ability to link up and create that much more fun. Hope you all enjoy the flicks and have a great weekend! Stay up.

Nicole Mejia @nicole_mejia: Inviting Vibes - Van Styles