Tahiry Jose

Tahiry Jose is a silver-tongued, brown-eyed Latin beauty who has become a fan favorite paving the way for her to emerge as a Social Media Maven. This undeniable beauty has gained famed and notoriety through her online adventures. Tahiry’s enormous online popularity has translated into an incredible career beyond the viral community.

Be forewarned, Tahiry is not your average pin-up model. She packs a triple punch with beauty, brains and brawn. A first generation American, born to Dominican parents in Harlem, New York, Tahiry is a true native New Yorker. The oldest of three girls, Tahiry has always been the trendsetter. After attending New York City Public Schools, Tahiry went on to graduate from the John Jay College of Criminal Justice. Tahiry used the streets of Harlem to fine tune her natural swagga, her education to be strategic about her career and her strong personality to do things “her way”.

Tahiry’s rising star, is not solely based on her enormous sex appeal, but also for her rapid-fire wit and sarcasm. Tahiry’s everyday woman style does not make her a plain Jane. She has a special appeal to the masses with her “take me as I am” attitude that has translated beyond the online community. Tahiry’s major media appearances have been legendary. As the cover model for KING Magazine, Tahiry’s appearance generated one of their highest selling editions. Tahiry has also appeared in featured photo spreads such as: Complex, XXL, SHOW and VIBE magazine. As a featured videoblogger on www.thisis50.com, Tahiry is definitely enhancing her true star power within the entertainment industry. And with the release of her first featured calendar “Tahiry – The Wet Edition”, 2011 is beginning at a record pace.

It is hard to deny Tahiry’s allure and her 100,000 a week followers seem to agree….Tahiry is here…and here to stay!

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