Paola Garcia

Born in Monclova Mexico, Paola Garcia’s life long dream was to one day become a successful model. She moved to a small town in the U.S. named Sonora TX where her insecurities of being one of the tallest young ladies gradually discouraged her from pursing modeling.

In 2004, Paola left to attend college in San Angelo, TX where hopes of one day becoming a model started to come true. While helping a friend promote his music CD at a low rider car show in Dallas, TX, she gained the likes of many industry people and businesses.

Never loosing focus, Paola went to school and worked full time while traveling throughout the state of Texas working various promotional campaigns marketing herself for a big break. Doors began to open when she made her way in Chamillionarie’s video ‘Ridin Dirty’. Since,

Paola has graduated with a B.S. in Phlebotomy, seen in different magazines and music videos, touring with car shows and more… Now residing in Austin, TX, Paola Garcia is still pursing her dreams of becoming a successful model.

Her 2008 year has already launched into action with her being seen in the Feb/Mar issue of Smooth Magazine.My passion is modeling and my objective is to achieve that goal here with the offers that I am given.

I am a people person and am open to new and adventureous ideas. My style speaks for itself. I am a young, powerful, sexy Latina women and I put my heart into any opportunity that I am given.

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