Nisey Kamai

Nisey Kamai is a multi-talented entertainer determined to make an indelible mark in the entertainment industry. This ambitious, young woman hails from Prince George’s County, Maryland, part of what is affectionately known as the “DMV” (DC-MD-VA). She is currently establishing her career on the East Coast of the United States. However, Nisey’s ultimate goal is branding her name throughout the world.

Being a woman of many talents, Nisey has proven to be quite skillful in the various roles she has taken on within the entertainment world. Nisey is full of variety, beauty, personality and charm. Her popularity, fan base and influence is growing exponentially by way of online blogs and social media forums. Her looks and skill-set are marketable to many demographics.With youth and vibrance on her side, Nisey Kamai has alot more in the store for the near future. This is just the beginning!

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