Mehgan James

Mehgan Elisse James is a Texas City, TX native and the oldest of 7 children. Having to stand out in such a large family helped cultivate her big personality, which later inspired her dream of being a television star. She studied Communications at the University of Houston before getting her first big break in 2008. Mehgan was selected to be a contestant on MTV’s reality show, “50 Cent’s For the Money and the Power.” As the youngest cast mate, Mehgan excelled… making it into the Top 5 as the last female standing!

She then turned to modeling, working with talented and notable photographers, and eventually working for the highly distinguished Paige Parks Modeling Agency in the Marketing and Booking department. Meghan also appeared in the music video for Drake’s 2010 hit single, “Put it Down” feat. Bun B. In 2011, Expanding her brand has turned Mehgan into quite the entrepreneur. She is hosting a series of upcoming events and will be acting as spokesperson for rising lifestyle brands.

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