Analicia Chaves

ello =) my name is Analicia Chaves im a 22 year old model.I’m outgoing,a very happy person, I also take direction and criticism well.I’m willing to travel. I’ve been modeling for 1 year now. I have some expirence in run-way, commerial print, and glamour. As far as nude photos,I rather not unless the photos were extremly tasteful and classy!

My main intersts are High fashion shoots, swim wear, lingerie, glamour, & anything just FUN and DIFFERENT;anythinng to catch peoples eyes!

TITS- (image on tshirt)
Im on one video-DJ khlaed,Drake,Rick Ross,Lil Wayne
Y u mad video-Birdman feat Nicki Minaj and Lil Wayne
Wild Ones-FlO RIDA
Planet Pit Que Rico Model
Feature in Dyme Magazine

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