Amazin Amie

How did you get started in modeling?

To be honest I wanted to model since I was really young, but I didn’t really know how to get into it. Then one day one of my girlfriends did a photo shoot for a local photographer and he told her to post her pictures on the websites To make a long story short I did a test shoot posted my pictures and then ran into my photographer Patrick Adams. From there it’s been nothing but up.

Lets be honest…I can understand the “36″ and “27″ in your measurements…but where did the “42″ come from?

I got it from my momma. (^_^) It’s a blessing

What are the best and worst things about being from Virginia?

The best thing about being in VA is that is where my family is. I am a very family oriented person so that is important. The worst thing about VA would have to be the night life. There really isn’t much to do. But don’t get me wrong I am VA all day baby.

How was it when people started to recognize you in public?

I was first approached by someone at the airport. It was very flattering actually. I get a lot of traffic on myspace so that launched me into the cyber world. Now I can be recognized in the mall or gas station. I think people here in VA show love because I am representing where I am from.

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Sneak Peaks of Amazin Amie

Sneak Peaks of Amazin Amie

These two pics of Amie just aren't enough. I'm going to be forced to drop some new Amie next week. I just can't take it anymore lol
Amazin’ Amie and LA Candids

Amazin’ Amie and LA Candids

Who doesnt love some candids, especially when they're of my girls Amazin' Amie and LA. Seen first from my girl Wasabi on the board.