DJ Candy Brown @DJ_Candy_Brown in Alwayz Therro Magazine – Visual Cocktail

Model/DJ/Host. Are there any more “slashes” and in what order should these be?
I’m also a beauty salon owner, most importantly.

We’ll talk about modeling in a moment. What music are you playing to keep us on the dance floor and where are you spinning?
I’m usually spinning the latest hip hop and r&b and some pop. You can catch me spinning in different local lounges in Los Angeles and Oakland, CA.

Which came first DJ or model? How did you start each one?
Modeling came first. I first started modeling when I was about 9. My parents enrolled me in modeling school at Barbizon in San Francisco. It was so ridiculous lol. DJ-ing is something I sort of just fell into. A friend of mine had a pair of techniques and I started playing around on them and fell in love. I graduated from Scratch DJ academy and learned everything I know from there.

DJ Candy Brown @DJ_Candy_Brown in Alwayz Therro Magazine - Visual Cocktail

What’s the best experiences you’ve had as a DJ and as a model?
The best experience I’ve had dj-ing so far is dj-ing a private party for an A-list actor. It was pretty awesome. The best modeling experience I’ve had was modeling for Nike. They pay very well and hook you up with lots of fresh gear.

OK, you can have one artist’s music playing at your next photo shoot! What are we going to be hearing?
This is so cliche but it would probably have to be Drake.

Finish this sentence: I can’t live without _____________
I can’t live without Sushi.

What is your favorite city?
My favorite City is Los Angeles of course.

What city or country do you want to visit that you haven’t been yet?
I want to go to Egypt.

We see you across the room, we walk toward you and you look even better up close, we want to ask you out! How can we approach you with success and what will make you call security on us?
Just be yourself, crack a corny but funny joke and offer to buy me expensive sushi lol On the contrary, if you come up to me trying to be super cool or fake, SECURITY!!!!!

And if we are lucky enough to make it that far, what drives you crazy during sex? We want to make sure we do it right every time!
Bite my neck!

How can we follow you online?
IG: DJ_Candy_Brown

DJ Candy Brown @DJ_Candy_Brown in Alwayz Therro Magazine - Visual Cocktail