Tehmeena Afzul @MISSMEENA: Fan Interview with @supermalz

Tehmeena Afzul @MISSMEENA: Fan Interview with @supermalz

@supermalz: I voted for you for Playboy’s Miss Social. What are the chance we get to see you as a Playboy Bunny? That’s an issue I’ll buy!

@MISSMEENA: This is my 5th time running for Playboy Miss Social. I came in Runner-Up twice so I’m determined to go all the way this month. Hopefully you will be seeing me soon if all My fans keep voting!

@supermalz: You looked amazing as the lead in The Dream’s video for “Rock Your Body.” How did you get the role?

@MISSMEENA: I received the request through my website. Its always good for models to have a personal website because it makes is very easy for potential projects to get in touch with you.

@supermalz: Are we ever going to get to see a Tehmeena tribute for a non New York Team?

@MISSMEENA: Please tell me so! Hell no!!! LOL! I would never to a video for a team I do not support. I’d probably get disowned by my ny fans for that. My teams are the NY Mets, Giants, Rangers and Knicks for life!

@supermalz: What super power would you have?

@MISSMEENA: I wish I had the power to heal people. No one would ever be sick or hurt.

@supermalz: Who would play you in the film of your life?

@MISSMEENA: Kim Kardashian since we resemble each other looks wise.

@supermalz: Star Wars or Star Trek? Avengers or Justice League? Street Fighter or Mortal Kombat?

@MISSMEENA: I’ve never been into star trek, star wars, avengers or justice league. I love video games and would have to pick mortal kombat all the way.I love Katana!!

@supermalz: Whats the biggest project you have coming in 2012?

@MISSMEENA: Working on becoming a playboy bunny!

@supermalz: What is your guiltiest pleasure?

@MISSMEENA: Chocolate!

@supermalz: How long as you been working with DynastySeries?

@MISSMEENA: For almost 4 years now. They have supported me from almost the very beginning!

Tehmeena Afzul @MISSMEENA: Fan Interview with @supermalz