Tam Berry interviews with TheWizsDailyDose

TheWizsDailyDose: http://thewizsdailydose.blogspot.com/2011/05/spotlight-edition-tambre-aka-tam-berry.html

Tam Berry interviews with TheWizsDailyDose

Hennywiz: First off, where are you from and what’s your ethnic background?
Tambre aka Tamberry: I am African American; I’m just what they call “high-yellow” down south.

Hennywiz: What or who inspired you to explore career into the modeling industry?
Tambre aka Tamberry: I don’t consider the modeling industry as a career at this point; it’s just a small business right now. When it starts making me some “career money”, then I will consider it as a career, until then it’s just a small business or a part-time job.

Hennywiz: Your Smoothgirl magazine spread was amazing, congrats and how was your experience working on the shoot?
Tambre aka Tamberry: Smoothgirl was an awesome experience, it was definitely a once in a lifetime opportunity and I am grateful that my first job in a national publication was with Smoothgirl magazine. They really do an excellent job presenting their featured models in the most beautiful and sexy way.

Hennywiz: What is one thing about yourself that tends to shock people once they get to know you personally?
Tambre aka Tamberry: That I am so funny and just a cool person to be around. People always talk to me and ask me for advice.

Tambre aka Tamberry: You can expect some hot new photo’s and new magazines spreads towards the end of the year.
Hennywiz: Lastly, tamberry.com is your website; what can fans expect when they visit your site when it launch?
Tambre aka Tamberry: Tamberry.com is still in the development stage, but when it does launch it will have some awesome content.