Sarah Alyssia in SHOW Magazine

What can you tell us about yourself for those readers seeing you for first time? I have been riding this journey seriously for about the last 9 months trying to break into the industry. I love the lifestyle of traveling to different locations that modeling has afforded me over the last several months. Food is one of my guilty pleasures that I dont always get to enjoy.

What sets you apart from others in this industry? My work ethic and discipline it takes a lot of hard work to get noticed in modeling. Sometimes modeling comes with a lot of baggage, but I feel by working hard and staying discipline I will achieve the lofty goals I have set out for myself

What do you hope to accomplish in the next 5 years? Furthering my career as an aspiring model and become a model people recognize. I would eventually like open up my own business.

How has modeling changed some aspect of your life? Changed my outlook on life and made my life much busier.

Sarah Alyssia in SHOW Magazine

Sarah Alyssia in SHOW Magazine

Sarah Alyssia in SHOW Magazine

How would your best friend describe you? Ambition wild and free spirited

What asset on your body do people compliment the most? My mesmerizing eyes and my 34DDs.

What is your biggest turn ons and turn offs? Hygiene is a major turn on love a man that takes care of himself and smell good. Also I love a man that is ambition and has goals for the future Bad breath is turn off.

How is someone most likely to get lucky with you? Treat me like a princess. I love a man that knows how to take care of his lady.

Which do you prefer giving or receiving? Receiving of course. If you are willing to give I dont mind returning the favor!

Who do you like to be in control you or your partner in the bedroom? I would like a man to take control in the bedroom as long as he knows what he is doing. I dont want to have to teach him everything.

What do you like a man to do in the bedroom? Someone who isnt boring, has to be nasty, and know how to work his tongue to hit the right spots to make me cum.