Roz Camryn @rozcamryn – Introducing – IBMM Interview – Maurice Chatman

Interview courtesy of IBMM Management

Roz Camryn @rozcamryn - Introducing - IBMM Interview - Maurice Chatman

This is your first time on Dynasty Series, how does it feel to see yourself on the biggest modeling platform in the industry?

It’s definitely something to be proud of. I’m starting to see my hard work pay off and this gives me even more motivation to stay focused and push harder.

So we know that you are from the Bay Area, but can you tell us a little about yourself and your goals as a up & coming model?

I’m a mommy to an awesome 3 year old, I’m in school majoring in Entertainment Business, I’m taking acting classes, and of course, I model. I also love to read, travel, and shop. My list of goals is endless. I’m constantly setting new goals for myself so they’re ongoing to say the least. One of the goals I set has already come to pass, which was to be published. I’m also pursuing my acting career and working on finishing school so my goals in those areas are to do well in school these next two semesters so that I can be closer to graduating and to book a few acting roles.

We know you shot with Maurice Chatham and IBMM Inc, so how did your shooting process go with both teams?

Working with both teams was smooth. I’ve worked with IBMM before and I’ve only experienced positive things with them.

Roz Camryn @rozcamryn - Introducing - IBMM Interview - Maurice Chatman

You also in school for entertainment business, what made you want to learn about the industry from a business side?

I was already a business major, with Accounting as my focus before redirecting my focus on Entertainment so wanting to learning the business side came natural to me. As a model, it’s important to know how to manage so you can determine who can best manage you. Also, I have a huge interest in film so I’d love to work on the other side of the camera as well, on the production side. There are a number of reasons why I chose to pursue Entertainment Business but those were the most compelling for me.

What’s next for the Roz Camryn brand and who has been a positive influence in your modeling career?

What’s next is to expand so you will definitely start to see me more and in a more mainstream capacity. I won’t give away too many details but people can definitely expect to begin to see a shift the Roz Camryn brand. I receive positive influences in my modeling career from a lot of different directions from other models both established and up coming, family, friends and a someone else in particular I’ve become very close to. Some people now how to inspire you in ways you can’t imagine just with their words. Definitely a positive influence.

Any last words or thank you’s you would like to leave us with?

Thank you to everyone who has been a part of my journey. I appreciate everyone who believes in and support my vision, goals, and aspirations.

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Roz Camryn @rozcamryn - Introducing - IBMM Interview - Maurice Chatman