Rosanna Castillo @Nanna_Rose – Van Styles

Back in december of 2012 I went on a trip to Miami with Primitive Apparel. Not only was it during a great time of the year known as Art Basel but it was a interesting photo mission. I was to go out there and shoot some beautiful local models and try to capture them out there through the eyes as a L.A. photographer. I was pretty lucky to have been asked to be apart of such a very exciting project. The photos have since been dropped as apart of a capsule collection between myself and Primitive Apparel in the form of t-shirts and skateboards. So as hard as it was I had to keep the sets under wraps but since the collection is now released I can go ahead and share with you all some of these pictures. I am going to start off with Rosanna Castillo, she was the first girl I got to shoot with. We linked up at my friends condo which served as her back drop, she was very quiet and soft spoken but I would like to say her body said other wise. I think it took her a bit to warm up to me and my camera but when it did it clicked so take a look below at this first set and definitely stay tuned this week for more Rosanna.

Rosanna Castillo @Nanna_Rose - Van Styles