Pamela Alexandra @officialpamelaa: Summer Nights – Ice Box Studio – IBMM Interview

Pamela Alexandra @officialpamelaa: Summer Nights - Ice Box Studio - IBMM Interview

Introduce yourself to the readers that may not know who you are and what is your ethnicity?

My name is Pamela Alexandra and I am 25 years old. I was born in Brazil and raised in Switzerland. Because my mother is Brazilian and my father is Swiss.

So how did you gain your internet popularity and how did you react when you seen name on the biggest gossip websites in the US?

It happened by coincidence. In 2012 some blogs came up with a rumour about me being Brett Favre’s daughter.
One morning I woke up and I noticed that social media was going crazy. Then I found out about the blogs and what all was about. I felt funny. Especially since I didn’t even know who Brett Favre was.

You have been on Dynasty Series before, but what makes it different this time? How was it working with Ice Box Studios & IBMM Inc?

I had such a good time working with Ice Box Studios & IBMM Inc. I’d consider myself as a shy person so having photoshoots is not always easy for me. But they made me feel very comfortable immediately.

Your World Star Hip Hop video turned a lot of heads, who idea was it for you to film in the gym?

It was the directors idea to film in the gym. But it was my idea to NOT cutt it out the final edit. We wasn’t sure if the gym scene fit in the video. But I absolutely wanted to keep that scene lol.

While in the US, what was your best modeling experience and what was the worst?

Filming the WSHH video was definitely cool and completely different from what I usually do! Normally I work for an insurance company and I sit in the office all day long. Also the T.I. – No Mediocre video shoot was so fun. But actually it was filmed in Brazil. And as I mentioned before the last shoot I had for Dynastyseries was great!

As a new model on the scene, what are you next plans for your career?

I am a very spontaneous person and I don’t like too much planning. But right now I’m back home in Switzerland. It’s about time to take my booty back to the insurance company. But other than that I’d love to start working on my own website and a calendar for next year.

What’s a day in the life of Pamela Alexandra when she is home in Switzerland?

I get up at 6.30 am, go to work, sit in the office till 5 pm. Then at 6.30 pm till 10 pm I went to school. Them around midnight I go to bed. Nothing interesting lol. I am not that party animal everybody thinks I am:) But since I got my Bachelors Degree in Business Administration I am not going to school anymore. I’ll have to find me a hobby! Maybe I’ll start hitting the gym to tone that jelly lmao.

Photographer: Ice Box Studios (@mr_iceboxstudio)
Interviewer: King Davis of Ice Box Studios (@thevisionaryking)

Pamela Alexandra @officialpamelaa: Summer Nights - Ice Box Studio - IBMM Interview