Nichelle D @_Nichelled in SHOW Magazine

What is your biggest turn off?

Men, who talk too much and who do not pay me attention openly. By that I mean the guys who like to lurk or stalk all of my socials, but forget to actually SHOW me that he is giving me all of his attention. Talking is a womans thing and some men just do not know when to give it a rest.

Lights on or off?

Lights on, Im confident and comfortable in my own skin! I prefer to put on a SHOW for mine and enjoy it. So, I would want him to see everything and Id love to see that big smile I would put on his face.

How open are you when it comes to pleasing your man?

I am very open to pleasing my man! I like to have fun and I also love to see the reaction of my man when I try something crazy. If he makes me happy, Ill make him even happier.

Nichelle D @_Nichelled in SHOW MagazineNichelle D @_Nichelled in SHOW Magazine