Nichelle D @_Nichelled in SHOW Magazine

Whats your favorite body part and why?

I would honestly have to say my eyes. My eyes will tell you if I want you, if Im upset, if Im happy and more. People are usually drawn to them and they have even been called Bedroom Eyes.

Whats your favorite body part on a man?

Anyone who knows me, will tell you I love a nice pair of muscular arms. Im not sure if I see arms first and then everything else or face first and then arms, but I love them. A man can do so much with them; especially get down and dirty with them.

What is your biggest turn on?

I love a man who is confident with any and everything even if he isnt that sure on how to do it. Im attracted to a man who knows hes boss even if he really isnt the boss. The smell of confidence on a man is the sexiest cologne a man could wear.
Nichelle D @_Nichelled in SHOW MagazineNichelle D @_Nichelled in SHOW Magazine