Estefania Nino

Estefania Nino, Born and raised in Colombia, moved to the U.S.A at age eight, continued with her education in Houston Texas, and moved to Florida at the age of fifteen. While in High School she was a football and basketball cheerleader. She Graduated High School in 2009 and got a scholarship to go to IRSC. She started college right after graduating just to get her AA.

In 2010 she started to do modeling as a hobby and started to explore the modeling industry, but is always mainly focused on school and does it on her free time. While she was enrolled at IRSC she realized she wasn’t satisfied in just getting her AA. She decided to start to model again at the beginning of 2011, and that’s when her modeling career hit it off.

She started appearing in videos and fashion runways. Estefania has always liked fashion and styling, and once again was not satisfied with just her AA in business and modeling, so she decided to go to The Art Institute (AI) in June 2011 to get her AA in Fashion Design. Estefania Nino’s graduation date is expected in 2013. Once she finishes school she will proceed in having her own clothing line and to open up a store as well. This is just the beginning for her, be sure to watch out because ESTEFANIA NINO is a name you will be looking out for.

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