Angelina Ivy

Angelina Ivy is the busty pin-up model who was born and raised in California. She has quickly risen on the scene by gracing the covers of top national magazines. Her looks are unlike any other model with her big blue eyes and her extremely voluptuous curves. She is not covered with wild and crazy tattoos and maintains flawless skin.

She specializes in doing pin-up style modeling because she has a unique vintage look about her. She is very versatile and being sexy comes natural to her. She is also very fun to chill with and when she is not modeling she is recording music to become a rapper.

She has already created several tracks but she is still awaiting that big break so if you are a producer that wants to make some music with a perfect 10 model sitting beside you then Angelina Ivy is ready to go to work.

Recently she has been noticed by some of the biggest rappers and has been in music videos with Snoop Doggy Dogg, Too $hort, 2 chains and many others.

We were lucky enough to have Angelina model for us in Miami as she swept through like a hurricane leaving everybody leveled when they saw her at the club with her skin tight black cat suit with her cleavage in the eye of the storm.

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