Miyoki Washington aka Novacane @novacanebaebeee – DynastySeries Spotlight

Name: Novacane
City: Tampa
Measurements: 36 27 40
Instagram: http://Instagram.com/novacanebaebeee
Ethnicity: Black, Irish , Romanian

What motivated you to step in front of the camera?

I used to feel like I could only be myself alone until I felt how amazing it feels to see it projected.

What are some of the projects you’ve had a chance to be a part of?

I’ve done a few music videos ; yo gotta – colors
Smoke p – 4:20 , chase Ferrari – druggy love .
Product shoots : secret kisses lipstick . Work with the Willa collection and I’m working on one with and nationally distributed skin care line.

Tell me what makes you sexy…

What makes me say my personality, because I’m so straight forward, and my big head and pretty lips.

What are you hoping will separate you from other models?

My creativity . I want to direct more of my shoots , now that I’ve gotten more connections it’s easier to plan. I have more resources ! I also perform spoken word, more than just a face .. A voice . My free spirit , I will not conform. I’m viewed as an urban model at times and I don’t want to be, I want my look to scream versatility and androgyny.

What are your biggest assets as a model?

My androgynous demeanor, my eyes , my voice and tone, my confidence in myself .

What will be the key to your longevity?

Evolution always learning something new in the business so I can get better or help someone be better.

What part of your body are you most complimented for? on?

My eyes , my legs.

Who have been your favorite photographers to work with?

Angelo Lumas and kin Cordell.

Of the DynastySeries series you haven’t been in, which do you wish you had be apart of?

There were a few I found interesting.

If gave your 3 models to choose from to do a sexy Duet Series with, who would they be and why?

Ana Montana . Sydney dean . Yaris

What’s the sexiest secret you have?

….my sex .

What are your biggest turn on’s?

Scents . Colognes . Perfumes . Candles

What type of men do you tend to gravitate too?

Tall , athletic , chocolate

Whats the best way for a guy to get you in the mood?

If I hand you 100k and said you had to spend it all right now on your biggest fantasy, what would you do?

Call Rihanna