Mileena Hayes on cover of Spet 29th Issue of VBlazin

Mileena Hayes on cover of Spet 29th Issue of VBlazin

So first things first; how’d you hook up with our photographer Jose aka JoRoFoto or JoRo as you probably know him as?

JoRo emailed me saying he loved my work. I checked out his photography and was equally impressed so we set up a shoot and took some really hot images.

How was your experience shooting for the mag?

I had so much fun! One of my best shoots yet.

How’d you get into modeling?

How I got into modeling …Well I’ve been in the industry for a while, I use to dress models and was a music artist. My line was featured in a couple fashion shows where everyone thought I was one of the models. A photographer approached me for a shoot, I decided to give it a try and I realized how much I liked being in front of the camera and here I am :o)

Mileena Hayes on cover of Spet 29th Issue of VBlazin

So what have you learned NOT to do since you’ve been in the biz?

In general I’ve learned to trust no one. Most people in this industry tell you one thing but don’t follow through. There are a lot of fake managers and agents out here who are just in this business to try and sleep with models. I do my research now before I decide to work with someone.

Where do you want to go with your modeling?

I want to build an empire….my clothing line has been a lifelong dream and I would love for it to take off and be successful.

If you could have any job in the world other than modeling what would it be?

I wanna be a fashion mogul with stores around the world.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Siting on front line of my fashion shows watching model strut there stuff

Mileena Hayes on cover of Spet 29th Issue of VBlazin

Are you a good dancer?

Yes, I was in dancing school through out my childhood, specializing in hip hop and Latin… I have trophies to prove it ;-)

Would you ever spice things up by dancing for your man?

Yes, I aim to please, very passionate too

What’s the wildest thing you’ve ever done?

I made out with two beautiful girls at once most guys don’t have that opportunity and I did, I enjoyed very moment of it

What’s the wildest thing you ever saw?

I went to a private golf course party where they had women topless in just thongs everywhere walking around, it was crazy! I’ve never seen anything like it. Just picture yourself walking to every hole admiring beauty. Wow.. can’t even explain the experience you would of have to have been there yourself there no words lol! I had a lot of fun and saw things I couldn’t talk about here. I’m talking about some xxx stuff use your imagination lol definitely unforgettable something out of a movie.

Mileena Hayes on cover of Spet 29th Issue of VBlazin

So, does looks mean a lot to you when you’re looking at the opposite sex?

I mean it’s a plus but not something I look for, I need a strong confident man that got is shit right

What type of man do you like?

I have a thing for brothas in suits but can dress down and rock the Jordan’s too I love a man with style and swag

Are you the romantic laid back type or are you a wild child?

I’m a little bit of both give me a few shots of patron and you’ll see what I’m talking about.. LOL

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