Mia Kasir @miaposh – DynastySeries Spotlight – Iconik Images

Name: Mia Kasir
City: Wichita, KS
Measurements: 34B-25-38
Instagram: http://Instagram.com/miaposh
Ethnicity: african american,german and swedish

Mia Kasir @miaposh  - DynastySeries Spotlight - Iconik Images

What motivated you to step in front of the camera?

I feel I have a great unique look. I am wanting to show women with my body type can still be very classy yet take very sexy and seductive photos

What are some of the projects you’ve had a chance to be a part of?

I haven’t been part of anything I am a brand new face and body.

What are you hoping will separate you from other models?

My class and my innocence.

What are your biggest assets as a model?

My face has great structure from my lips to my cheek bones. And my body is so curvy, I have an unreal booty.

Mia Kasir @miaposh  - DynastySeries Spotlight - Iconik ImagesMia Kasir @miaposh  - DynastySeries Spotlight - Iconik Images

What will be the key to your longevity?

How real I am and how I won’t be looking to lay with anybody to get ahead.

Who have been your favorite photographers to work with?

I’ve only worked with one so far and it was @ikandybyiconik and he was great.

Of the DynastySeries series you haven’t been in, which do you wish you had be apart of?

All of them I would love to work with so many different looks

If gave your 3 models to choose from to do a sexy Duet Series with, who would they be and why?

Draya she is such a business lady an very smart. Erica mena I love her look and yoncee because I reached out to her and she actually gave me her number and helped me out with advice

What’s the sexiest secret you have?

That’s for me to know and for u to find out lol jk

What is the most spontaneous thing you’ve ever done?

Marrying my best friend.

What are your biggest turn on’s?

A classy gentleman in touch with his culture.

What type of men do you tend to gravitate too?

Men close to their family.

Whats the best way for a guy to get you in the mood?

Treat me like a women with respect.

Whats the best way for a guy to get you in the mood?

I would definitely go do.some shopping and startmY clothing line.