Mena Monroe @MenaMonroe in SHOW Magazine

For starters introduce yourself, for those who aren familiar?
My name is Mena Monroe, and Im from Detroit, MI.

Well are you currently single?
Yea I am! And definitely open to the possibilities of love. Heck even lust at this point (laughs).

Wow open to lust possibly? My kind of girl, what type of guys are you looking for?
Well honestly Im just coming off of a 3 month sex fast. So Im not really looking for that “Smash & Dash” type of guy. I want a nice guy , who dresses and smells nice, nice smile, whos attentive, and knows how to put it down in the bedroom.

Nice! What does a girl like you like in the bedroom?
Well Im a pleaser so I like a guy who is aggressive and can tell me what he wants. I love pleasuring my partner so I love four play! I actually prefer giving head vs. getting it. A lot of guys don know what to do with their months down there. I like a lot of shit talking, ass grabbing & smacking, and maybe a little roughness here and there (giggles).

Mena Monroe @MenaMonroe in SHOW MagazineMena Monroe @MenaMonroe in SHOW Magazine