Liziane Soares – Christmas in Brazil –

Christmas 2015 Liziane – There are some things we can’t wait to have throughout every year. Some of them include Summer time (to enjoy sun, sand, sea, and beautiful babes in bikinis), holidays (so we can rest and cheer up a bit), payday (dispensing justifications) and, of course, the Christmas special produced yearly by Bella Club! We have chosen two models who have photographed for the website before, and who now return in a very special shooting indeed – posing initially on themselves, and then showing up together, with their hands here and there, their stares, and their unique sexiness. We’re here today to inform you that the first part of our Christmas production is already available for your delight, bringing stunning Liziane Soares as its main star. Want to see it all? Click here to get your first X-mas present.

Liziane Soares - Christmas in Brazil -