Lilia x BellaClub

In addition to modeling, do you have another profession?
At the moment, I’m just working as a model and focusing on my studies

Tell us something about yourself …
In fact, a curiosity about my body, every night when I go to sleep my body changes temperature, lol my body heats up so much that nobody can sleep with me lol

What do you do to maintain this body?
Well, in addition to genetics, I train 4 times a week, but I don’t diet, I allow myself to eat a bit of everything! ️

Define your personality in three words …
Determined, imperative, sympathetic.

Would you do a threesome?
Hmm, I wouldn’t

What was the most exotic place you’ve ever had sex at?
Beach, I get really horny on the beach … ️

Do you play any sports?
Only physical activities, to keep my body fit! Because actually I am really lazy… lol

What do you usually do on your day off?
I enjoy a little bar With friends, or a barbecue always happens!

Do you have any habits?
I am very picky with cleanliness, I am very hygienic.

What drives you crazy during sex?
Certainly foreplay, kisses, making out … then that’s all good.

In which part of your body do you get goosebumps?
Butt and back. Even before I am touched…

Lilia x BellaClub
Lilia x BellaClub