Larae James @larae_james in SHOW Magazine

What are your best two features?
I think my best features are my light brown eyes and my natural but.

What is your favorite place to be kissed?
I love to be kissed on my neck and on my breast, it makes me feel hot.

How can a guy get my attention?
Its not easy to get my attention; guys come with the corniest lines. He must be respectful and humorous with his approach. I love to laugh; if he can make me laugh he will have my attention all the way.

What type of experience should a man expect being with Larae James?
He can expect an experience of a lifetime. I love to treat my man like a king serving him a hot meal, giving him a back rub and love making where ever.

Larae James @larae_james in SHOW MagazineLarae James @larae_james in SHOW Magazine