Kristen Bucey interviews with Kollage King – courtesy of SlickforceStudio

Kristen Bucey interviews with Kollage King - courtesy of SlickforceStudio
Name: Kristen Nicole Bucey
City: Columbus, Ohio
Model Mayhem:
Twitter: @KristenBucyy
Ethnicity: American model of Native American Cherokee, Irish and German, Welsh & French decent.
Measurements: 34-25-38
How did you first get started into modeling? Last year I was working as an MMA Ring girl & doing Promotional Modeling for Bacardi. Also, working at Hooters at the time I did my first pageant winning top ten in Hooters 2010 Miss Toledeo Pageant. I also was selected to compete against 50 beautiful females from around the world in Nassau Bahamas for Swimsuit International USA Pageant both experiences from work have helped exposed me to the different types of modeling in the industry.
What are your biggest assets as a model? As cliché as it sounds but winning combination of Brains, Beauty & Body.
What makes you sexy? There are a few things that make me sexy. My inner beauty; being able to have a positive attitude towards life. I believe my body language will speak for me… Although, I do have good conversation if you want the scoop about Sports, Business, Arts, Politics & of course Cooking/Baking we can talk!
What part of your body are you most complimented on? My hazel eyes, they tend to change colors from a light green to a deep grey blue. I’ve also been told I have great legs!