Kimbella @kimbellasworld in SHOW Magazine

I am made up of sugar, spice and everything nice! With that being said, I am not your average model. Composed, intelligent and thoughtful by day� by night lets just say the right man can unleash the adventurous naughty side. I really enjoy a tall handsome man with a good head on his shoulders, who doesnt mind watching a chick flick every now and then. Ambition, confidence (not arrogance) and drive are a must, right along with good hygiene and a nice smile. I also like a man who respects his mother! You cant expect a man to treat you right if he doesnt respect the most important woman in his life. Some may call me picky, but hey I know what I want. Sooo� any takers?

Kimbella @kimbellasworld in SHOW MagazineKimbella @kimbellasworld in SHOW MagazineKimbella @kimbellasworld in SHOW MagazineKimbella @kimbellasworld in SHOW Magazine