Kendra LaChon @KendraLachon – Kollage King Interview

Name Kendra LaChon
Zodiac Gemini/Cancer
Ethnicity African American/Caucasian
Location Houston, Texas
Measurments 36-24-35
Twitter: @KendraLachon
IG: @KendraLachon

Kendra LaChon @KendraLachon - Kollage King Interview

1. What have you learned about this industry?

Since I’ve gotten into the modeling industry, I’ve learned that you can never be too careful about the image that you portray, because anything you say or do can be misinterpreted and used against you.

2. In one word, describe your 2013.


3. Any upcoming projects as we head into the new year?

I have more videos coming out in 2014 and hopefully I’ll gain a larger fan base.

4. Tell us one thing that’s on your Christmas List.

Landing the cover of a top men’s magazine is definitely on the top of my Christmas list.