Kathy Red @KathyRed_: NFL Bodypaint 2014 – NY Jets – Jose Guerra

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This has been quite the rough week for Jets fans, and I can’t imagine you all are looking forward to playing the Broncos and Patriots the next 2 weeks. Between Geno Smith missing a meeting the game before the game to the movies and Mike Vick admitting he was unprepared to play last week, there’s not alot of look forward to. Maybe the Jets can turn the season around. Kathy Red certainly thinks so. I love Kathy, but I think she’s wrong.

And because I feel bad for my brethen in green up the New Jersey Turnpike, IF the Jets lose again this week, I’ll drop a few more of Kathy to help sooth the pain.


DynastySeries™ Presents Volume 12

DynastySeries™ Presents Volume 12: DynastySeries™ Presents Volume 12

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