Katherine Monslave interviews with Indosplace.com

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Katherine Monslave interviews with Indosplace.com

Katherine Monsalve is what I’d call a collector’s item – hard to find and valuable. For most of 2009 only a handful of pics circulated of her and she had no Twitter, Facebook or Myspace page. Then, at the end of the year, she was featured in KING’s highly anticipated comeback issue. Not bad for a girl flying under the radar. This ultra feminine ingenue (she’s only 19) is rocking some serious hips and a backside that puts fellow Colombian Shakira’s to shame. To add insult to injury, she’s actually nice! I talked to her recently about her low profile, choice of photographers and plans for the future (oh, and that little move she does in the “Shake That Thang” video).

You were recently featured in the new issue of KING magazine. How did that come about?

I work with Artistic Curves Talent Management. They called me told me I was booked to shoot.

Most of your pictures are with photographer Frank Antonio. Is that a deliberate choice to work with him exclusively or is it just a coincidence. If coincidence, are there any other photographers out there you’d like to shoot with?

I actually was doing a shoot for a lingerie designer and Frank happened to be the photographer. I loves his work so I continued shooting with him. I’d love to shoot with Importeyecandy Photography & Paul Cobo.

What are your long term plans for modeling? Are there any specific models whose careers you admire or would like to emulate?

I plan to get into acting. I actually just shot a scene for a film called “King of Paper Chasin”.

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