Jessica Marie interviews with WizsDailyDose


This exotic new comer by the name of Jessica Marie is definitely one to watchout for in 2010. She’s a new phenom coming out of the 2 star studio/Patrick Adams regimes. Jessica Marie is definitely a name we have to get familiar with. She is looking to make a name for herself in this industry; does she have what it takes? I'll let you be the judge.......

Hennywiz: What or who inspired you to begin a modeling career?

Jessica Marie: Actually a friend of mine did a photo shoot and I just went to support her. And the photographer thought I had a unique look, so I did my first shoot and couldn’t believe the results!

Hennywiz: You’ve done some great work with 2starzstudios. Are there any other photographers you’ve work with to help create your beautiful photos?

Jessica Marie: The one who introduced me to modeling would be a photographer from SW FL, he started taking pictures of me and that would be Keith Isaac. But I definitely have to give the biggest Shout out to Patrick Adams; (AKA 2starzstudios) he has been a blessing for me as far as managing my career and just going that extra mile to push me to the limit to make sure I do nothing but the best! Patrick’s an awesome individual, as well as a fantastic photographer.

Hennywiz: I’m about to get in your business now, lol!! Are you dating anyone now, if so how does the lucky person feel about your career choice in modeling?

Jessica Marie: Ha-ha…honestly I am currently single. I am really focusing on my career right now. But if that special someone swipes me off my feet than that’s a different story

Jessica Marie interviews with WizsDailyDose