Jade Wifey interviews with CutieCentral.com

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CC welcomes the beautiful and sexy Jade Wifey! You may remember Jade from the cover of SHOW Magazine #15 back in October of last year. This year Jade is poised to continue her shine and hit you bigger and badder than ever! Jade will be featured again in SHOW in April and is playboy in her future

Jade Wifey interviews with CutieCentral.com

What are some of your current projects?

Jade Wifey: I’m currently getting into shape and prepared for the year.. I have another Cover of SHOW coming out in April that Im looking forward to. and I have some surprised coming out this year as well ;)

What are some of your future goals?

Jade Wifey: I eventually want to be the CEO of my OWN Mens Magazine! I love acknowledging beautiful woman and their bodies and I know what looks sexy on woman.

Whats your definition of sexy?

Jade Wifey: To me being sexy is being comfortable in your own skin and confident knowing how to be flirtatious without having to be trashy.