Introducing…Miami Marie @honey_skinkiss – Dynasty Magazine

Ethnicity: African American-Caucasian-Native American
College major: Nuclear Medicine
Future career path: Pharmacy
Instagram: MiamiMarie Twitter:@honey_skinkiss

How often do you workout?: Not as often as I should, but I walk about 2.5 miles everyday just to keep a healthy heart. I’m a medical student so I get a lot of cardio in at school!

What exercises do you focus on?: I try to focus on abs mostly.

What’s your favorite travel destination: The U.S Virgin Islands.

What’s your biggest guilty pleasure: Deep fried green plantains are my weakness!!

What’s your favorite electronic gadget u can’t live without: My iPhone! Oh course I read most of my books on it. I would be devastated if it came up missing!

Introducing...Miami Marie @honey_skinkiss - Dynasty Magazine
Introducing...Miami Marie @honey_skinkiss - Dynasty Magazine