Introducing…Jewels – courtesy of Facet Studio and Kollage King

Introducing...Jewels - courtesy of Facet Studio and Kollage King

Name: Jewels
City: Louisville/Atlanta
Model Mayhem:
Facebook: Rarest Jewels
Twitter: @RarestJewels
Ethnicity: African American
Measurements: 32-27-42
How did you first get started into modeling? Promoting parties in my city
What are your biggest assets as a model? My biggest assests would be my bubbly and outgoing personality, you face can’t get you everywhere!
What makes you sexy? What makes me sexy would also have to be my personality put together with my curves, people are attracted to me because I am not the normal sexy. I am more fun, cute, girl you can chill with, lets go dirt bike racing sexy! :o)
What part of your body are you most complimented on? My booty…lol