Introducing…Ashley Danger – courtesy of The Kollage King

Introducing...Ashley Danger - courtesy of The Kollage King

Name: Ashle Danger
City: South Orange – New Jersey
Twitter: @MsAshleDanger
Ethnicity: Black & Indonesian
How did you first get started into modeling? I started off just having a love for art, make-up and photography. I posed for all my photographer friends and since I work as a Make-up artist it was very beneficial for them, and I became slightly popular
What are your biggest assets as a model?The fact that I finished college with a degree, and being down to earth, I love having a good time. Party, Travel, and Make my own money.
What makes you sexy? My hazel eyes, honey skin, and of course my tattoos.
What part of your body are you most complimented on? Often enough my eyes and my complexion, its perfect with not one scratch. I didnt play rough like most girls, I leave that to the boys.