Heather Nikole interviews with CaliSweets.com

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What do you look for in a guy/girl?
Guys, have to know where they are going in life. If their life isnt together, theres no way that they will be able to handle an "us". Chicks, I would never have a relationship with one so you just need to be the baddest thing walking. lol

What got you into modeling ?
I started modeling last year in April and it was because I finally decided to try it out after being encouraged to do so for so long.

Do you consider yourself sexy and if so What makes you sexy?
I consider myself confident. And to most confidence equals sexy so I suppose that makes me a winner in the sexy category. [Laughs]

Do you like to be in control or taking control of?
It depends, sometimes I like to show off and other times I want my man to show me who "wears the pants".

What is your favorite sex position?
Legs pushed back, because you still get that from the back angle a little bit but you still have that personal eye contact.

What are your turn-ons/offs?
That's a long list, so I'll just drop one of each. A man who shows me he wants me is a definite turn on and a turn off is a man who doesn't know what do to in bed, it will be over to me before the sex is.

Heather Nikole interviews with CaliSweets.com