Heather Nikole – courtesy of CaliSweets.com

CaliSweets.com: http://calisweets.com/cs/project/heather-2

1. Do NOT say "Hey I know you, we are are friends on Facebook"
2. Do NOT have a gel slicked back ponytail with a barrette at the end.
3. Do NOT have breath that smells like yesterday
4. Do NOT try to use a pick up line...No not even the one that just "does so well for you"
5. Do NOT tell me your nickname, thats not your name and if your that top secret I dont want to know you, but chances are that you aren't and just think it's cool.
6. DO be respectful.
7. DO give genuine compliment, without being outlandish.
8. DO be well groomed.
9. DO be handsome.
10. DO be interesting.

Heather Nikole - courtesy of CaliSweets.com