Gina Ramos is Web Gem

Gina Ramos is Web Gem

FAVORITE ARTIST: “I love Lupe Fiasco and Pitbull. [Both] amazing artists. I’m all for music that has meaning and depth to it as well as something that’s gonna make me wanna dance as soon as it comes on.”

FAVORITE VIDEO: “Common, ‘The Light.’ [It’s] such a beautiful yet simple song, [and] the video is amazing.”

DREAM MODELING JOB: “I would love to work with Lupe, Common, or Pit, being that I love their music so much. Having the opportunity to work with one of them would definitely make me smile.”

SEX APPEAL: “My flirtatious nature and my personality are what make me sexy. I love myself, and I’m super comfortable in my own skin. I would have to say that my favorite body part is my booty. I just love it, don’t you?”

TURN-ON: “I love a man that can make me laugh and put up with my silly personality. If you know how to cook it’s a plus. I love to eat!”