Dynasty Series Spotlight : Sexy Sasha

Name: Sexy Sasha
Measurements: 32-25-41
Website: www.officialsexysasha.com
ModelMayhem: http://www.modelmayhem.com/634503
Myspace: www.myspace.com/goldengoddess_1
Ethnicity: African American

So my fair Sexy Sasha…let’s start this off by telling everyone just how much you love me?


Am I not the greatest? You can go ahead and say it …

lol…you are truly the greatest friend a person could have, no lie

Enough about me…tell us how you got started in modeling?

In the Summer of 2007, I was in a magazine online competition and a guy who is my agent now (JayDee) saw me and loved my look. He contacted me and I’ve been working with 1208Models ever since.

You’re first spread in a national mag was in Smooth Magazine? Give us all the details about that shoot…

I loved the shoot…I love Sandy (Publisher of SMOOTH & SMOOTHgirl)…it was amazing.
From the hair, make up and my outfits…everything was on point. It was a very tasteful shoot…not only did they put me in the magazine (a big 10 page spread), they also put me in the SMOOTH 2008 Calendar as Ms. November, and I was #40 on the SMOOTH 100 All-Time List in their 2007 Year-End Issue.


You also were selected to the Smooth Top 100 List…waaaaay too low at #40…what do we need to do to get you higher on the list year?

I really don’t know…I might have to be on the cover of SMOOTH or SMOOTHgirl magazine
(FYI-I moved up this year…i’m #22 on the SMOOTH 100 All-Time List in their 2008 Year-End Issue!)

What’s the reaction you got from your recent layout in King Magazine? You know you were nekkid right J…

I was very surprised that they edited out my lingerie. My reaction was “omg I’m naked!!!!!!!” I love the picture…I loved the shoot but I did not want 2 be naked.

What other mags have you had the chance to be featured in?

Titanium Girlz magazine, Straight Stuntin magazine, Sweets magazine, Swagg magazine, Thique magazine, Feds magazine…
I also shot pics with Busta Rhymes for his upcoming album and I was featured in an energy drink national ad campaign.

You’ve started doing a lot of appearances over the last few months, how is it to interact with your fans?

It’s all new to me…I’m still shocked when people recognize me or even ask for my autograph. Over all, I love it.

Everyone, including me, loves your tattoo on your foot. How much did that hurt? It had to hurt lol

It hurt sooooooooooo bad…I would not recommend anyone to get anything on their foot unless they love pain…it hurt worse then the tattoo on my lower back.

Other than that…what part of your body are you most complimented on?

My eyes and nose

What’s the one thing someone can do to win you over?

A man can win me over by doing something out of the ordinary, but still be romantic at the same time. Being respectful is a big thing to me also.

Tell us about your relationship with Jay Dee of 1208 Entertainment?

JayDee is one of my best friends…I trust him and his decisions to the fullest…I couldn’t ask for a better business partner or friend.

The “All Access Sugababz Vol 2″ DVD featuring yourself and the rest of the models from 1208..tell us all about it…

It’s always interesting when there are other models at a shoot…lol…something wild is always said or done, but it was fun and nice working with the models as well as the people behind the whole project.

And since you’ll be appearing on Vol 1 of “The Dynasty Series”…TWICE in fact…how excited are you that its almost…ALMOST done?

I’m very excited, even though your took forever! I’m joking lol…You’re very talented and I know once it’s finished, it’s going to be perfect…just don’t put any of my crazy dance moves up there and I’m good!

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    that ass is phat…got damn

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    Very nice! I’m diggin her look. ;)

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    blazing hot…damn Sasha looking real good.