Dynasty Series Spotlight: Ms Kalysha

Dynasty Series Spotlight: Ms Kalysha

Name: Masika Kalysha aka Ms Kalysha aka Kaly
Measurements: 36c-25-42
Website: www.masikakalysha.com (under construction)
Myspace: www.myspace.com/masikakalysha
Ethnicity: other!!!! My father is french and mother is mostly african american… but you know what they say if you have any black in you your black!

Dynasty Series Spotlight: Ms KalyshaDynasty Series Spotlight: Ms KalyshaDynasty Series Spotlight: Ms KalyshaDynasty Series Spotlight: Ms KalyshaDynasty Series Spotlight: Ms KalyshaDynasty Series Spotlight: Ms Kalysha

Dynasty Series Spotlight: Ms Kalysha

Let me just say…I still not over the fact that I came ALL THE WAY to Atlanta and we didn’t shoot…even if it was a little my fault. So how long are we going to have to wait to get you in front of a camera???

I agree we need to shoot asap! And its alllll ur fault! lol

How did you first get started in modeling?

Got casted as an extra on Atl in 05 on my 1st day on set Chris Robinson moved me up to a featured position and I played Big Boi’s girlfriend. I met so many people on set I just kept getting booked back to back. The day we wrapped on Atl I flew to Miami to shoot with AJ Alexander and got booked for Big Tiggers Kittens calendar where Hoopz, who was then know as Nikki, was my hotel roomate. Upon returning to Atl, I was booked for A TI video, the next day a Nelly video and from there on out I knew this is what I want to do full time.

What are your biggest assets as a model?

Obviously to be a model you have to have a great body so I wont state the obvious. I have great hair, skin and teeth… yeah weird but I have a very versitle look and I prefer to shoot with out hair extentions and depending on the hair style I can look like 10 different people. I also and very athletic so I have a lot of muscle definition which translates great on camera.

Gotta Move Faster

Of all of the videos you’ve had a chance to be featured in…which ones stand out the most and why?

Hhhmmmm… I’ve been blessed to work with great directors and great artists. I think I’d have to say I really enjoyed Working with Lil X on a Sean Kingston/ Intel Centrino venture. The shoot was in LA and we wrapped in just about 10 hrs. I really enjoyed it because Lil X is a very expressive director who knows how to translate his vision and makes our job sweatless. I also have to say I love working wit Nzinga. Shes a woman who knows how to make a woman look great and her ideas are always sensual with out being trashy. I almost hate to pick a favorite when I’ve been so blessed to work with great directors like Benny Boom, Lil X, Life Garland, Lenny Bass, Fat Cats, Nzinga Stewart, Jessy and Ulysses Tererro and so many more. I’ve worked with increadible artists from T.I. to Nelly To Ciara to Lil Wayne and so on.

Dynasty Series Spotlight: Ms Kalysha

For those who may not know…whats the usual process for being selected to be the lead for a major music video?

Well I prefer the private call from the casting director saying you’ve been requested by name via the direct, label, or artist… lol but that doesn’t always happen! Usually you have to go to the private casting and audition by dancing or acting out a sceene in front of director, camera crew, label and/or artist.

I know you not going to want to give up the dirt…but you really need to….so what are the wildest experiences you’ve witnessed behind the scenes on set?

Honestly I dont really see much because I’m the girl that stays n the trailor until its time for my sceene… then I go back to my cell! lol But I’ve hear a lot! lol… the usual I imagine… groupies, cheating… nothing new lol.

What was it like when people started to recognize you in your daily life?

Very flattering. Can’t help but to feel blessed that I’m doing somthing worthy of acknowledgement. It’s been a very hard road for me, I’ve never had the help or support from my family. So knowing that my hard work is being noticed makes me want to go even harder.

Dynasty Series Spotlight: Ms Kalysha

What part of your body are you most complimented on?

With photogs its my smile and my abs… with the guys its my tushy :)…with the ladies its my breast.

What part do I need to compliment you on to have a chance?

Duke that 1 out with my boyfriend! lol

Let’s say I see you out and I know “this may be my chance”…what can I do not to f’ it all up?

Don’t start selling me dreams like im some young brand new b!%@h!! Nothing you can say will impress me. I promise I’ve had a privledged adult life!!! Don’t think your gonna gas me and impress me!

What are the biggest differences from growing up in your hometown of Chicago and now living in Atlanta?

Wow! Nite and day! In Chicago I was more reserved… shy actually. I was only around family. You know city life in Chicago was no walk I the park. I was a certified tomb boy who was more concered about protecting myself than looking cute. Moving to Atl gave me the opportunity wo let my hair down (literally and figuratively) and find myself.

Dynasty Series Spotlight: Ms Kalysha

How are you transitioning from your success in modeling to your career in acting?

Qow! Utalizing my resourses! Its not always what you know its who you kno,w and I know some great people thank God. I have been blessed to book a small speaking roll in 3 Can Play the Game where I have dialog with Vivica fox. I am also working on a television show on the Turner network with Jazze Pha. I have done a few commercials and am currently working on two new SAG films to be realeased in 2009

What other projects will we be seeing you in coming soon?

Four magazines and a single in January watch out!!! Followed by A Carl’s Jr commercial with Jazze Pha and two movies (no definate release date), but late ’09. Im on a series of novel covers that can be found in Walmart, Barnes and Nobles and any where that sell black novels.