Dynasty Series Spotlight: Diznee

Dynasty Series Spotlight: Diznee

Name: Diznee
Measurements: 34-26-38
Website: http://www.idreamofdiznee.com
ModelMayhem: http://www.modelmayhem.com/diznee
Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/genesis05
Ethnicity: African American, French Canadian, Russian

Dynasty Series Spotlight: DizneeDynasty Series Spotlight: DizneeDynasty Series Spotlight: DizneeDynasty Series Spotlight: DizneeDynasty Series Spotlight: DizneeDynasty Series Spotlight: Diznee

Dynasty Series Spotlight: Diznee

Give us a glimpse of what your life was like before the rest of the world knew “Diznee”?

My life was very average, but very fulfilling. At the time I became branded as “Diznee”, I was living in New York going to Hofstra University located on Long Island. I was studying broadcast journalism along with cheering for the university. Life was beautiful just as it is now! The funny thing is I would get noticed a lot before I started modeling. People would say, “Are you Chelsea from Myspace?” I had a pretty big following before I did professional modeling. I think that is what helped give me that extra push!

How did you first get started in modeling?

It all started with SHOW magazine. A good friend flew me out to LA and introduced me to Sean Cummings. Sean decided to put me in the magazine and the rest is history. I was truly blessed. All it took was that one moment and so much has changed for me!

Dynasty Series Spotlight: DizneeDynasty Series Spotlight: DizneeDynasty Series Spotlight: DizneeDynasty Series Spotlight: DizneeDynasty Series Spotlight: Diznee

Dynasty Series Spotlight: Diznee

What are the best and worst things about being in front of the camera?

The best thing is that you are in control! It is all about you! All the attention, the lights, the camera, makeup, clothing. it’s really great. I am in a different world. I have so much fun when we start to shoot. There’s nothing really bad about being in front of the camera. Yea you have to be creative with poses and some settings may be hard to deal with, but I feel if you’re comfortable with the skin you are in then all is good!

What are your biggest assets as a model?

I would have to say my eyes and my smile before anything else. I will always have my eyes and smile but I will not always have a good body that is in shape. Realistically, as we age, gravity hits and our bodies change. Therefore, I cherish what I will have forever. I also like that my sweet girl next door personality comes through in my photos. Fans tell me they really like it :)

Dynasty Series Spotlight: Diznee

How did your relationship start with SHOW Magazine?

As I said previously I was introduced to Sean almost two years ago. I think the relationship GREW when I moved back to CALI. I was able to shoot more, and commit to my website project. We are like family! I love the whole SHOW team!!!

What’d you think when you saw your cover for the first time?

My first cover took me by surprise. I walked into 711 and there I was sitting on the shelf. It was really a surreal experience. I had an outer body experience because I never would have imagined in a million years I would be on the cover of a magazine cover. I was a Catholic school girl my whole life, so that really was a big shocker for everyone.

How was it when people started to recognize you in public?

I love it when people notice me. It reminds me that all this is reality and it’s really happening to me…20 year old Chelsea. But it’s cool. I am such a people person I talk to anyone who comes up to me. You have to be open and nice to your fans because they are the ones who support you!

Your recent video from your last shoot for your website, IDreamofDiznee.com, seem like it spread across the net the instant it came out.

What’s been the reaction you’ve gotten from fans since it’s been up?

Well as soon as it hit the net, and left my website I was slightly caught off guard. At the end of the day it got me more exposure. Despite differences of opinion of what people may think of me, I’m just glad people know who I am and they are talking about me. Yes, Diznee, Diznee, Diznee! Remember it and NEVER forget it! The fans loved it, they got to see a lot more of me, mainly the backside!!!

Dynasty Series Spotlight: Diznee

I’ll ask the question pretty much every guy that’s ever seen you wants to know…do any of them have even and inkling of a chance? (and it’s ok to lie)…

Everyone has an equal chance. I don’t know what the future holds for me and I don’t know who I will spend my future with. So to answer you’re question, don’t be afraid to try because you never know what may arise.

Tell us about your recent features in David Banner “Shawty Say” and Day 26’s “Since You’ve Been Gone”…

Music videos are so much fun! I enjoy meeting new people, networking and simply having a good time. Day 26 was a really good experience seeing it was my first music video. David Banners video was fun as well. Gotta love the long hours if you really want to be in videos. But like I said, I have had very good experiences and everyone is always so nice. I love it.

Dynasty Series Spotlight: Diznee

Maybe it’s just me…but after seeing the Day 26 video…where you were getting all emotional with Brian…I figure either you’re a great actress…or you have a thing for short guys. Go ahead and let the little guys know you don’t discriminate lol…

I’m a good actress and I do not discriminate ;) If you have a closed mind and you only go for certain types of people then you may be missing out on the most wonderful person in the world. Looks are not everything and I truly mean that. I have met many good looking people who are absolutely ugly on the inside. So rule #1 in the book, have and open mind and heart.

Let’s say I see you out and I know “this may be my chance”…what can I do not to f’ it all up?

Anyone who engages in good conversation within the first five minutes has a good chance. I really hate it when a man walks up to me and the first words out of his mouth are, “Damn shorty you look do delicious.” How about hi, nice to meet you, what is your name. First impressions really matter. Remember that fellas.

What other projects will we be seeing you in coming soon?

Right now you can see me in Bow Wow ft. JD “Roc the Mic” You will also be able to see me in Bow Wow “You Can Get It All” And my website is always up and running so check it out now!!! Promise you will NOT be disappointed.

And most importantly, how long are we going to have to wait to have you shoot for The Dynasty Series?

Let’s do it asap!