Deaja interviews with The Kollage King – courtesy Derrick Clegg

Name: Deaja Deaj Vire Or Deaj Montana lol
City: Pittsburgh Pa
Model Mayhem:
Facebook: and
Twitter: @PaFashionCorner
Ethnicity: African American
Measurements: 36-27-41
How did you first get started into modeling? I just saw some pictures of a girl I thought was pretty and was like shit if she can I can, so I did a few fashion shows to start, and then it’s been a continuing effort staying current fresh with ideas and staying in shape.
What are your biggest assets as a model? I would say my drive, and my fashion background, definitely thinking outside the box and willingness to try ideas within reason.
What makes you sexy? I would say my personality it’s fun, flirty, charming,charismatic, and edgy and my body and all the fixings secondly lol
What part of your body are you most complimented on? My ass! lol