Cubana Lust interviews with

Cubana Lust interviews with

When your not working. What does Cubana like to do in her free time?
Workout, spend time with family, get nails done, shopping etc

What's one of the biggest misconceptions about you that people first have when they first meet you?
They think im Hollywood lol but they always get proven wrong.

What kind of guy does Cubana like?
A man who is secure with himself knows what he wants in life & knows how to treat a woman.

Aside from the modeling and hosting and all that you do. What's something you wish you could be doing as a substitute?
(Like a 9-5)... i would love to go to law school & be a criminal lawyer

At the end of the day. What kind of impact do you want to leave on the modeling game/industry?
The type of impact is i went from a video to modeling ventured off into so many things such as acting. Just having the world see me grow & progress in all of my success. Having women want to be & do the things ive done.