Claudia Sampedro @ClaudiaSampedro: Monochrome – Van Styles

Keeping things moving in showcasing some more photos from my trip to Miami for Primitive Apparel I bring you Claudia Sampedro. If there was one word to define Claudia when I saw her it would be woman. Just how she carried herself, her confidence and her body all said just that. We had a location with a rooftop for her shoot so thought for this set it would be fun to go up and see what we could get. I did a couple of shots using the natural light and was pleased how they were coming out but I threw on a flash since I wanted to try and capture some texture of the clouds. But I must say it was a little tough trying to capture this whole setting with her in a bikini… what can I say I am human. So check out this photo set below of Ms. Sampedro and stay tuned for more of her!

Claudia Sampedro @ClaudiaSampedro: Monochrome - Van Styles