Brandi Vonne interviews with The Kollage King – courtesy of D. Brown

Brandi Vonne interviews with The Kollage King - courtesy of D. Brown
Name: Brandi Vonne
City: Dallas, TX
Model Mayhem:
Ethnicity: black,french canadian, hawaiian
Measurements: 36-26-38
How did you first get started into modeling? I first got into modeling when I was about 18. I was approached constantly about doing promo modeling and fashion shows, or party hosting.. Once I graduated high school and started being a little bit more in the clubs and party scene, I decided to give it a shot, and I’ve loved it ever since!
What are your biggest assets as a model? I feel like my biggest asset is that I have a unique look. I am able to portray different nationalities and looks. I also feel that I capture moments in pictures. I dont take photos just to be sexy. I look at everything as if i i’m in a situation. I act in my photo shoots which i find that some other models have trouble with.
What makes you sexy? What makes me sexy?? I would say my style and my personality. My style changes all the time. I think a girl doesnt have to wear a skimpy outfit to be sexy.. my style keeps the mind guessing. Which is classy, chic. And my personality is laid back, fun, and confident. Confidence is SEXY!
What part of your body are you most complimented on? I’m mostly complimented on my stomach and legs. Which is about ALL i work on in the gym;)